Modern Warrior

An autobiographical music drama of a soldier's journey

Modern Warrior is an autobiographical theatrical drama of a soldier's journey. The mission of Modern Warrior is to build bridges between veteran and civilian communities through live performances, collaborative workshops and panel discussions, in order to inform, entertain and inspire, while destigmatizing our veterans.

Through this performance, our goals are to:

1. strengthen dialogue between veteran and civilian communities

2. combat social implications of the PTSD stigma

3.  explore pathways to post-traumatic growth

"Post-traumatic Growth: positive psychological change experienced as a result of adversity and other challenges in order to rise to a higher level of functioning."

Modern Warrior is currently in the production/development phase. Thanks to our 54 wonderful supporters, Phase One of the Modern Warrior Production has been successfully funded via Kickstarter ($10,736 plus $10,000 in-kind), enabling us to film a preview of their production. WATCH OUR KICKSTARTER VIDEO HERE

We are currently pursing funding for Phase Two, which will document the production in it's entirety. Funding sources we're seeking include private donors, grants, commissions, etc... 


Once the full on-stage production and studio album are complete, we plan to tour Modern Warrior nationally at Performing Arts Centers, Schools, Festivals, Military bases (national and international), VFW’s, VA health centers, etc... Our goal is to partner with local and national veteran organizations, psychologists and Arts and Wellness programs to help move forward a constructive dialogue around Veteran relations and provide concrete avenues of assistance for those in need. 

Community-Building / Engagement

Reality-style video-documentation (and sharing) of the development process from Day One will build an interactive community of both veterans (and their families) and civilians. Jaymes will engage a community of veterans, and Dominick will engage artists from Gospel, R&B, Jazz, World Music and other backgrounds, all working together in the creative process.

How We're Structuring our On-Stage Production

Jaymes broke down his story into seven chapters. Dominick is composing a suite of music around these chapters, involving artists from different genres and cultures including Gospel, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Middle Eastern artists and much more. 

I. Joining the Military 

II. Training 

III. Deployment 

IV. Death and Self-Destructive 

V.  Self-Recognition 

VI. Returning Home

VII. Optimism and Renewal 

Here's a music video we did together, based on the Tom Waits song "Soldier's Things." This music video was meant to provide a glimpse into Jaymes' life after returning from Afghanistan. Veteran feedback from this collaboration encouraged us to take our collaboration to the next level, exploring Jaymes' story in greater detail, through a live performance (Modern Warrior).  

Read more about our collaboration, published on CLICK HERE